“ How to apply for internship at Renault India ? ”

PRATEEK M. asked a question in topic Application Advice
to Groupe Renault Recruitment Team

Chef De Projet Digital RH, Groupe Renault

Dear Prateek,

You can send your application directly to this email address : recruitmentindia.hr@renault.com 

Good luck!

Rishav J.

How can I apply for an internship/ training at Renault India?

Chef De Projet Marque Employeur, Groupe Renault

Hello Rishav J !

I guess you did not see the answer of my colleague just above ;)

For how long do you want to do your intership ?

I advise you to check our career page right here : group.renault.com/en/talent/join-us/our… 

To get more information about the company you can :
- check our LinkedIn page : www.linkedin.com/company/renault/jobs/.  
- watch our last videos on YouTube : 

I hope I have helped you. I wish you luck in your projects.

Florian Prie
Talent Attraction Specialist

Rishav J.

i mailed in the email above,there's no reply. i would like to go for an internship or training at renault as per your training/intern schedule. please respond.

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